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Artificial Model Railway Coal

All Gauges Scenic & Scenery (as illustrated) Comes with FREE UK Postage Saving you even more

Ideal for all your modelling and scenic uses.

Great for coal piles, building yourself a coal yard, or for filling all your open coal trucks. Can also be used as tarmac or general scenery.

Real life looking to give that added realism and without getting your fingers dirty.

As an example 75 Grams is enough to fill approx 8-10 N gauge coal trucks (as illustrated)

This coal is ideal for scale for Z, N Gauge, HO & OO Gauges Individually sealed in plastic bags

Only available in the U.K due to weight, Postage & Package costs. Available in the following weights all including postage & package 

150 grammes £ 3.25    200 grammes £ 3.99    400 grammes £ 6.99    800 grammes £10.99



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